On the banks of the Arabian Sea is a vibrant historic port town reverberating the energy of a bustling trade centre and celebrating the harmonious coexistence of a century old multicultural settlement. Here in Mattancherry, Churches, Temples, Mosques and a Synagogue co-exist, along with the buildings of the colonial era.

Nestled in cobbled bylanes of Mattancherry, Mandalay Hall is a landmark building in the once residential Jewish quarters. Inspired by the history and beauty of the heritage structure, Architect Tony Joseph and his family crafted Mandalay Hall Concept Hotel, an unforgettable experience bridging Kochi’s past and present. The Family’s love for art design, food and culture is reflected in every inch of the boutique property.

The five luxury rooms or ‘galleries’ of the concept hotel host custom installations by different artists, who are selected by the curator for the year. Each room is a three-dimensional immersive canvas, which tells a different story. This provides a unique opportunity for lovers of art to live inside an installation and in that sense be a part of it. The space also houses the Mandalay Hall Design Store, Panchaloham, a high end antique jewellery boutique, and അ, an experimental restaurant serving contemporary Kerala cuisine.