About Lezeld'or

Lezeldor is a platform which helps boutique resorts to develop it's marketing & sales activities. We also support brand building activities to make it a well known product in the Domestic & International market. We enhance the quality of your hospitality services, improvise them to make them saleable and profitable. We put all our expertise in the industry to get maximum benefit to our partner resorts.


Concentrating in branding partner resorts
rather than lezeldor


  • To Promote selected Boutique resorts which lacks sufficient marketing support
  • Develop unique products
  • Concentrating in branding partner resorts rather than lezeldor
  • Work hand in hand with Partner resorts

Why lezeld'or?

Team lezeldor maintains strong relationship with

  • Tour operators (International & Domestic)
  • Corporate Companies
  • Media

Marketing activities include

  • Attending International & Domestic Exhibitions
  • Developing custom made marketing tools
  • Organising FAM tours
  • Organising various joint promotions
  • Developing theme based tour packages
  • Brand building exercises

our resorts

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  • lezeldor
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